Villa Mandalay - Pool bale with view to the sea

About Mandalay Villas

Endless rice fields beyond the boundary walls and absolute luxury within - welcome to Mandalay Villas, an exclusive estate of two spectacular villas on Bali’s sunset coast.

The two villas - Villa Mandalay and Villa Mandalay Dua, revel in their individuality but share a common soul, besides friendly staff. Contemporary architecture is interspersed with Balinese elements here, enhanced by Indonesian artefacts and paintings hung on the cream-coloured walls. The properties follow a multi-pavilion design, allowing privacy to each guest, and plenty of living spaces to spread out.

Water features play an important role in adding to the serenity of the experience. You’ll find fishponds and gurgling fountains wherever you roam. And of course, there’s always the swimming pool. Surrounded by sun loungers, the infinity pools look out towards lush rice fields, offering instant tranquility and a sense of calm.

Tranquility seems to be the underlying theme at Mandalay Villas, with emerald paddies stretching out as far as the eye can see and a number of spots for rest and rejuvenation. Get an open-air massage at the poolside balé or your room’s private patio, sit back and relax in the sauna, play a boardgame or just sit and chat with your friends - a vacation at Mandalay Villas is sure to tick all the right boxes.

With a total of eleven rooms between the two villas, seven in Villa Mandalay and four in Villa Mandalay Dua, the estate also makes a great venue for reunions, get-togethers, retreats and weddings. You can rent from three to eleven rooms as required, and be served by an attentive and friendly team of staff including butlers and a skilled Balinese chef.

Villa Mandalay - Sunloungers by the pool
Villa Mandalay - CS2467
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